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Favorite ThisWolf Tech drops new EP on Desert Dwellers' Desert Trax label

Published: February 13, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

If you've impressed Desert Dwellers, you can safely say that we're going to be impressed. Tom Chant, a Welsh producer of downtempo and psybreaks releases his latest Wolf Tech EP today on Desert Trax.

Desert Trax was founded by the Desert Dwellers, Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe way back in 2005 as a reservoir not only for their own tunes, but also to bring other artists to light like Living Light, HÄANA, Temple Step Project, Drumspyder, Deya Dova, and many more with over 70 releases. Today, the new Wolf Tech EP, Another Day gets the royal treatment from these psychedelic pioneers.

Opener “Everything Is Real” is a pensive, ambient intro to the five-track collection. Moody and surreal, the introductory tune clears the slate for the listener, and sets the table for an exploratory new journey.

“The Celestial Muse” is a psy-dub affair complete with gorgeous melodies and a hypnotic groove. Picking up the tempo, Chant takes us to another level with “What Makes Us Human.” Disorienting and trippy, this is one to listen to on headphones, as the listener really gets a full spectrum x-y-z feel on this track.

Bringing the energy back down into a smooth, synthy breaks cut that borders on retro, “Coming Home” still contains that taut, psychedelic energy we crave from Desert Trax tunes. The title track closes out the five-song EP on a reflective note. The bell curve is complete.

Wolf Tech is a perfect fit for Desert Trax with his cutting-edge, lush, psy-dub productions,” Amani Friend notes, “This EP truly fits the label's mission for ‘music beyond borders.’”

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