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Favorite ThisWest Coast Bass Culture Vol. 1

Published: August 15, 2012

West Coast Bass Culture Vol. 1 is a delectable sampler serving up the freshest offerings from some of the finest producers on the West Coast.

With five remixes ranging from Lily Allen to Bob Marley and two original tracks by members of Street Ritual Artists, a conscious-driven electronic music collective of producers. Styles seamlessly flow from glitched-out party anthems to soulful soundscapes, drawing from a diverse palette of Hip Hop, Dub, IDM, with a sturdy backbone rooted in West Coast Bass.

While followers of Street Ritual are already well acquainted with the likes of Thriftworks, Nico Luminous, and label founder Knowa Knowone, the rest of this compilation proudly features the fresh highly sought after talent rounding out the Street Ritual Artists roster including Insightful, MiHKAL, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and Future Simple Project.

Started in early 2012 as an extension of the Street Ritual Record label in Oakland, California, this beyond talented roster of legendary artists has quickly carved a solid path for anyone itching to get a taste of that famous West Coast flavor.

Get your bass filled goodness here:

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