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Favorite ThisLafa Taylor & Nico Luminous collab on trap-hop hit 'We Got It'

Published: February 8, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

As part of his Magic Mondays series, Lafa Taylor today unleashes his brand new collab with fellow west coast bass phenom Nico Luminous. This "trap-hop" collaborative effort fuses Taylor's fun, off-the-cuff double entendres with Nico's hard-hitting beats.

"We Got It" is the perfect blend of cunning lyricism, and a backing track that rises to the occasion. Both Lafa Taylor and Nico Luminous are staples of the transformational and boutique festival world, but this kind of cut works in the mainstream just as well as in the back woods.

Lafa Taylor will be in Santa Barbara, CA with Stephen at Velvet Jones on Saturday, and heads back to Costa Rica for Envision at the end of the month. Meanwhile, Nico Luminous will be at the Waldorf in Vancouver, BC for Ineo's 3 year anniversary.

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