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Favorite ThisWeekly Wobblez (Edition 5)

Published: October 16, 2012
By: Ty Allen

Whether a person considers themselves an artist or a spectator, aficionado or pioneer, one thing seems to be universally true—we can all derive inspiration from each other. Whether we need it, require it, want it or simply desire it, it is ever present and is just waiting to be utilized. It's been a while, but we are finally back for the fifth segment of “Weekly Wobblez,” a section of The Untz geared towards weekly discovery of music and artists across the EDM continuum, with the goal of diversifying people’s ventures of musical unearthing. Whether it’s an infamous DJ, spouting out a new mix, or some unknown hopeful, testing their waves on SoundCloud, we want to bring the inspirations to you, the people for whom they are meant. So, take a minute and check out the first edition of our new segment (and a second to turn up the bass, of course), and we hope to get your creative juices flowing, enjoy!

1. Raxis - Dubstep and Coffee

First up, is a track from Houston-based, aspiring producer Chris Costillo (Raxis). It opens up with a lush soundscape laced with muffled bass kick and snare taps, whose progression is made only the better by whimsically arpeggiated synth. Then, the drop cromes. While not bone-shatteringly massive, it more than serves to get hearts pumping and blood flowing. The bridge is then constructed with whining stretches and heavy wobbles that top the song off for one hell of a dub. This is just a sample of what's to come from the young prodcuer, so, be on the look out for an upcomming EP, on which, “Dubstep and Coffee” will be oficially released.

2. Stella Mwangi - Shut It Down (AutoLaser Remix)

Next we have a super fresh track from Norwegian bass dropper, AutoLaser, who has been scrambling brain waves for quite a while now and keep his portfolio fresh with new tracks hitting almost continuously, and constantly experimenting with styles and sounds. This time around he takes on a conga-esque approach to the dancefloor trap movement that has been popular as of late. The song opens up fairly calm, with lyricist Stella Mwangni and soon picks up the pace with synth jabs and drum rolls, but breaks down for a choral score and then drops with this ominous, rining chord which is only another build into the trap-step drop that soon follows, touting dancing hi-hats, stabbing synths and a meticulous swathe of electrifying sounds. This one is sure to have feet frolicking, day or night.

3. Bassnectar ft. Angel Haze - Freestyle

Bassnectar just let a few gems leak from his upcoming Freestyle mixtape, promoting a free style of music, with seemingly no boundaries and an almost tough-to-follow structure that puts a spin on complexity. We just had to throw this one up, seeing as it's the title track, and for good reson, as it epitomizes the word. It starts with Angel's lyrics, hitting the beat like King-Kong and Tarzan, with, of course, a bit of Mr. Nectar's sampling supremacy to spice it up a bit, or space it up a bit...whichever you prefer. Then the build constructs and, before you can catch your breath, it is stripped from your lungs and up-tempo hi hats are accompanied by break-style drum snare which are engulfed by bass tones that wobble with relentless energy. Just when you think it's over, the third drop comes in with that perfectly powerful trap feeling, complete with squeeling synths and hyped up, "OH!" sampling that makes people say just that. This is just a wondeful taste of things to come from the legend.

4. At Dawn We Rage - The Fall

This supernaturally serene soundscape comes to us from fresh from the Phoenix based duo At Dawn We Rage's library. As it begins to take flight, sounds familiar to jet engines rev in the background only to be batted down by a lush harmony of kicks and chords that perforate ears at just the right speed. While this jam may not threaten to burn up any dancefloors, it wil definitely cool them off, as it allows to you gently fall (aptly named) back to reality. The second drop is just a bit more intense, with a bit more bit crushed synth woven into the subspace of the track. Don't forget to check out Their Soundcloud and Facebook pages, which are loaded with free tunes!

5. The Upbeats - The Undertaker

Terror Snake and Downie Wolf, otherwise known as The Upbeats, are the newest addition Noisia's "Vision" Label. The DnB connoisseurs have already completed multiple collabs/remixes and have gained a massive following due to tracks just like this one. As The Undertaker revs up, it doesn't take long to feel the pure energy radiating from the speakers. Pulsing strings give rise to an earthquaking array of kicks and snares, accompanied by a properly distorted, stack of warping chords. This track is nothing but madness, beautiful madness, that is really only meant to pump up crowds and get feet moving and heads banging.

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