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Favorite ThisDorfex Bos unveils Skin Cycle Vol 1 mixtape ahead of Warped Horizon

Published: December 7, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

While Dorfex Bos may have only leapt onto the radar in the past week, Bassnectar superfans will recognize Angelo Tursi's project from more than just the “Other Worlds” collab on the recently released Reflective Pt 2 EP. Beyond even “Horizons” from Reflective this summer, Tursi's collab's go back through 2014's Noise and Beauty with “Hold On.”

A hallmark of Tursi's sound is a lush, symphonic wall of melody that shimmers, shines, and cradles the listener in the midst of an all-out sonic assault that a Lorin Ashton set can often produce. In order to further familiarize bass heads with his glittering signature, Dorfex Box has assembled Skin Cycle Vol 1, a mostly original mixtape of tunes that gives the listener an idea of what he's all about.

Sure, the Nectar collabs are in there, but we also get a sense for his psy-trappy side on “Freek Son,” the thundering groove of “Dunes,” and the future bass of “Centers.” Don't get me wrong, he can also get down and dirty with “W.A.Y.S.F.A.” What we learn is that Bassnectar and Dorfex Bos really play off each others' tendencies and the harmonious output we're hearing in collabs is a result of this balance of light and dark that both producers are yearning to capture.

Warped Horizon Phase 2Fans are eagerly anticipating the revelation of Dorfex Bos' as yet unannounced B2B partner at Warped Horizon, hitting Atlanta, Georgia the night before and directly after the big Bassnectar NYE celebration nearby. Other B2B's on the bill include EPROM B2B Joker, Esseks B2B Freddy Todd, DMVU B2B PROKO, and Deez B2B Tsimba. Absolute insanity.

Throw in G Jones, mija, Paper Diamond, Govinda, and Shlump, and we're headed for a year end celebration for the ages. The homies C4 Productions, Pass The Good, SOMA Entertainment, Sweet Science, and Zen Awakening are throwing down hard with us.

Two stages over two nights, snag your tickets now before they're all gone at

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