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Favorite ThisWeekly Wobblez (Edition 2)

Published: July 25, 2012
By: Ty Allen

Whether a person considers themselves an artist or a spectator, aficionado or pioneer, one thing seems to be universally true—we can all derive inspiration from each other. Whether we need it, require it, want it or simply desire it, it is ever present and is just waiting to be utilized. Welcome back to the second edition of “Weekly Wobblez”, a section of The Untz geared towards weekly discovery of music and artists across the EDM continuum, with the goal of diversifying people’s ventures of musical unearthing. Whether it’s an infamous DJ, spouting out a new mix, or some unknown hopeful, testing their waves on SoundCloud, we want to bring the inspirations to you, the people for whom they are meant. So, take a minute and check out the second edition of our new segment (and a second to turn up the bass, of course), and we hope to get your creative juices flowing, enjoy!

1. Fista Cuffs: Sander Van Doorn - Chasin’ (Remix)

First up, is a brand new release from the powerhouse-duo based out of Los Angeles known as Fista Cuffs. Known primarily for their dance floor domination that comes in the form of Moombahton/core/step, these two are only in their twenties and have already played some of the hottest venues on the West coast and are quickly becoming some of the best in the business. This remix takes the bouncy synth lines, and overall feel good vibes of the house original and cranks the tempo up a few notches, to a D&B tempo – with an emphasis on the “B.” This track is a high-energy reminder of why D&B still rocks, and these guys have plenty more where this came from so be sure to stop by their SoundCloud page in the future.

2. Vaski: Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Remix)

This 22 year old, dubstep dominator has quickly made a name for himself within the past year. This time around, he takes his gritty, electric flavor and puts a Moombahton twist on a happy-go-lucky single from Imagine Dragons. Its starts off with some gently effected vocals and quickly becomes a bouncy, saw-packed jam, perfect for a vigorously sweaty dance floor. Keep your ears open for some more Vaski in the future; he’s on the rise.

3. Charlie Darker: Drill (Original Mix)

Evan Blair is only 19 and continues to impress and improve, to the point where he’s landed stage spots alongside huge names in the industry – Wolfgang Gartner and Mord Fustang, to name a few. He’s been conquering Canada’s dance floors for over a year now and has pumped out some serious bass music, ranging from heavy-house styles to rap infused, explosive dubstep. In “Drill” he takes the best of both worlds and throws listeners into a melody of rising trance, bombarded by huge bass, stretching whines, and synth riffs with that iconic, and somewhat nostalgic, electronic synthesizer sound. Charlie Darker is here, and he isn’t letting up!

4. Josh Money: DVBBS – Drvgs (Remix)

Next up is an ethereal, dubstep banger from multifaceted audio engineer, Josh Money. You may not have seen him on many stages, or rocking big venues, but Josh has been featured on highly acclaimed EDM compilations and has even been commissioned for track production on multiple video game titles. His style is an eclectic, heavy-hitting mash of whimsical whomps that tends to leave listeners faces in an awry disposition. This remix is no exception - featuring the lofty, heartfelt lyrics of the original, which just get blistered with Josh’s splintering sounds. Get ready for some serious wobblez, this guy goes for wild and weird.

5. Dirt Monkey: Street Lurkin ft. Anna Yvette – Hold Your Breath (110 Remix)

Here we have another serious banger from Dirt Monkey, a producer out of Boulder with over a decade of honed experience. He has been around long enough - and pumps hard enough - to get on-set plays by legends such as Rusko, Reid Speed, and Excision. This guy brings the heat and, while this track may be a few months old, it was originally released at an “electro” tempo, and Dirt Monkey was generous enough to rework it a bit and give out a free version. This track, as with most of his track, drops ultra rigid bass lines, and it just so happens to feature mystical vocals of Anna Yvette, which Dirt didn’t hesitate to chop up like an auditory salad. You probably turned your bass up already, but if you haven’t, go ahead and turn that nob a few clicks.

6. Whiiite: Atari Teenage Riot – Activate! (Remix)

Lastly, we have another dubbed out remix, this time, to the fast-paced, digital hardcore song “Activate!” originally by ATR, which is actually a few years old. Whiiite is a relative baby on the scene but this remix is getting ready for release on DIM MAK Records, so definitely prepare yourself for more from this skilled producer. In this remix he takes the original in a totally new direction with chest-beating bass drops pulsing behind the screaming, pumped-up vocals of the original, creating a great dance floor track that will make people want to move. Thanks for tuning in and we hope that you all enjoyed and maybe even wobbled some creativity loose in your minds. Check back in next week for the third edition!

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