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Favorite ThisW&W: Thunder

Published: May 27, 2013
By: Charlotte Roxanne Horton

After the success of “The Code,” and their collaboration with AvB on “#DFat,” W&W’s new track was highly anticipated, fans drooling over the though of another trance summer anthem. For the past few weeks, this track had become a seriously lusted over ID – people all over the EDM scene were raving over the nameless track and the secrecy of it all. But “Thunder,” an original take on the music fusion of their first popular tracks, has officially dropped; and the immediate effects of the track on sound waves and fans senses is enormous. The euphoric sounds mixed with W&W’s famous booming bass in the new track has caused a frenzy; “Thunder” is ostensibly not about the feelings the track induces, but more the effects it will have on the dance music scene.

Tags: Trance