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Favorite This'Viridian Dream' is our last KOAN Sound tease before the album drops

Published: December 6, 2018

By: Michelle Gargano

KOAN SoundWill Weeks and Jim Bastow have been producing together as KOAN Sound for a decade. Originating from across the pond, these Bristol boys have earned praise from fans all over the globe.

It has been a while since we’ve seen a release from this timeless duo but have no fear—they are back, and it sounds like they have undergone quite the metamorphosis.

Viridian Dream” came out as a sneak peek for the upcoming Polychrome album and it is beautiful. This track took me by surprise. Their style has varied and consistently developed over the years, but this song surpasses even their usual greatness. The production is truly sensational, sending us fully into a dream-state while dialing in glitchy melodies—it is energetic and intense.

There are so many intricate layers to “Viridian Dream,” and somehow, they managed to combine everything in such a way that completely calms the mind; yin and yang. This is the energy, grace, and intensity this iconic duo brought to its set at The Untz Festival this summer. I can hardly wait for the launch of Polychrome on December 7th on Shoshin Records, and to hear what else these gentlemen have in store for us.

Tags: Glitch