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Favorite ThisVibeSquaD: Orphan Alien PT 1 Review

Published: September 5, 2011

by Ryan Cummings

Orphan Alien

It is becoming increasingly difficult to categorize dance music. In order to put music into categories, you need specific guidelines and Aaron Holstein, better known as VibeSquaD, has elements in his music that do not conform to any of these rules.

VibeSquaD is completely unconventional, with his funky dub dance music that doesn’t follow any musical norms. Orphan Alien PT 1, is a fresh new dance album that is undeniably brilliant. VibeSquaD is on the same level as Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and The Glitch Mob because they all have ultimate bass in your face techniques.

VibeSquaD has an extremely organic and unique sound that is drawn from various influences from his childhood including 1980s funk and hip-hop, jazz, psychedelic rock and reggae. VibeSquaD has been producing beats since 2006. With greasy whomps and heavy hard-hitting basslines, Holstein’s progressive vibe on this album is killer.

The album opener, “Comb Overboard” has vocal samples that really get the song going with a bouncy bass that is certain to rock your socks off. This track definitely has the thud of dubstep combined with a bit of techno rhythm and plenty of other psychedelic sounds. Each element is polished to a breathtaking buff then delivered like a punch.

The EP progresses to the track, “DangerFace” which has an intense glitchy, progressive house style that builds up as hard as it drops. The funky whomps on this track are tremendous and almost unreal. The sounds that VibeSquaD generates simply by manipulating different noises and beats using a computer are astounding. This song has such trippy instrumentals; it should be on the soundtrack for some kind of extreme horror film.

The single “Shine” is a masterpiece compilation of epic magnitude. With vocals, breaks, buildups and dirty synth sounds, “Shine” is a guaranteed club banger. Listen to and download the single below. Laptop speakers do not do this song justice; it must be played loud with studio speakers and a subwoofer.

The seven track EP is in stores now.

VibeSquaD - Shine

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