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Favorite ThisVaski reinvents his sound (again) with Night Sessions. And it's dope.

Published: February 19, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

Being an artist involves a never-ending process of creation and deconstruction. For many, the latter phase proves too daunting and consumes the creative spirit. For some, they come out renewed and rejuvenated.

Vaski gained massive notoriety following the 2010-2011 dubstep boom in the States with countless releases and speaker-busting live performances. Like all good things, the bubble burst and many artists got swept away in wake of the next emerging trends. Alex Vaski spent this time hard at work defining his sound and breaking free from the demands of those trends.

The result comes in the form of a brand new album entitled Night Sessions. Nine tracks that each participate in a larger story within the hard-hitting 808’s, wonky synths and crunchy bass lines that catapulted Vaski into the limelight years ago.

This album brings together all those aspects that we fell in love with while weaving them into a fresh, original style. “Willy Wonka” sits in the middle of the album and might be one the best tracks we hear all year. Eerie builds mixed with the slow echo of distorted horns all preparing for the snap and crack of snares ushering in big bass and the seriously sinister wonky lead.

This one deserves a run through from start to finish. Just make sure to prepare for the massive dance party shaking around in your skull.

Expect big things from Vaski this year and if you have the chance to catch a live set, get ready for one hell of a ride. Find more info on the album and upcoming shows on the Vaski pages and right here at The Untz.

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