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Favorite ThisTwin Shape remix leads off State Azure EP 'Hex' [Mindspring Music]

Published: November 18, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

New psychedelic producers are coming out of the woodwork in this renaissance of deeply trippy downtempo (and uptempo) music. One such discovery of ours, Twin Shape, came to light from the Desert Trax label. We heard his Lost Tribe remix of label heads Desert Dwellers in Part 1 of The Great Mystery Remixes in the form of a dark, glitchy take on "The Sacrament."

Today, we premiere Twin Shape's remix of another global bass producer, State Azure. This remix of Hex, which comes out December 19 on Mindspring Music along with the original and remixes from Condensspur and Magnus, along with the B-side "Transmission," has a half-time psytrance feel. The original from UK producer State Azure has some cinematic Vangelis synths, and Twin Shape drops the driving groove into a subtle tune with the faint backbeat doubling the kick. It's got so many layers.

Mindspring Music has played host to a number of up-and-coming artists, and looks to play a key role in the growth of new psybass superstars.

Tags: DowntempoGlitchPsytrance