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Favorite ThisTurbo Suit sneaks out Back To Life EP, plays The Untz Festival in June

Published: March 31, 2016

By: Logan Podbielski

Just in case you missed it, a few weeks ago Turbo Suit (formerly Cosby Sweater), released an excellent display of their amazing sonic rapport in the 7-minute live studio recording of the instrumental version of "Back to Life." Although we are seeing them off the stage this time, the jamtronic trio replaces production with ingenuity and energy with focus and dedication. The song’s undeniable charm is pitched by fluctuating saxophone and keyboard while being anchored by stellar bass riffs and drum patterns. With of course a dash of synthesized electronic funk thrown in, because, after all, this is Turbo Suit.

For a few years now these three have been tearing up the electronic and jam scenes, but each are no newcomer to the spotlight. The group is comprised of David Embry (DJ Embry-O, Embrionic Fluid) on production and vocals, Nicholas Gerlach (formerly of the Midwest-based band The Twin Cats) on tenor saxophone and EWI, and last but not least, drummer extraordinaire Jeff Peterson (Roster McCabe). Indianapolis also serves as home base for the electronic powerhouse.

This video kicked off their release schedule here in this calendar year, but everyone was caught off guard when the band's fourth studio effort slipped out on Easter. Comprised of almost entirely live studios sessions, the 5-track EP also took on the name Back to Life. Unlike the video, this new and improved opening track has all the smoothness the video encompasses but adds the aid of lovely vocals by Kelly Marie.

The second track, "Bloom," is an absolute time machine of a track. From Gerlach’s opening runs on the sax this song has that nostalgic “struttin down the street” funk vibe. But soon enough the tones of 2016 enter and the listener is rocketed back to a much more psychedelic and bass powered present. This is an all around great song.

They don’t miss a beat going into their third submission though. "Sex Journey", as it’s provocatively named, is a dancefloor filler for sure. With all 3 lending their vocals to this harmony and solos throughout I’m sure this song sets quite the tone when woven into a live set.

The Untz Festival Phase 3"Unbound," once again features Kelly Marie on vocals and seems to be a bit of a love song. Although never reaching the dull pace that most ballads do, there is a higher sense of emotion and message in this song than most of theirs. A nice touch which adds some realness and tangibility to their sound. "Death Trap" with Carlos Seise has a sound that’s as interesting as its name. A mainly synthesized backbeat is accompanied by odd lyrics and what sounds like a sitar. This trio of people and instruments culminates in a helluva 4-minute journey into what appears to be a new aspect to their music that I’m sure will be a hit, especially come festival season where crowds demand a danceable set.

If all that wasn’t enough to get you on board the Turbo Suit train, there are ample opportunities to catch them all around the U.S. until April’s end. In fact, this weekend the band celebrates the release of the new EP with a hometown show April 2nd at Indianapolis' Vogue Theater alongside tour mates Zoogma.

They then kick off festival season with a trip to Summer Camp Music Festival at the end of May and then it’s right on to Mariposa, CA for The Untz’s very own festival June 2-4, where we are more than excited to see what they have in store for us and all the other lucky listeners. And don't forget about that nasty superjam when Gerlach joins The Werks. *Mwah*! Grab your tickets now. Visit to climb aboard.

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