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Favorite ThisTritonal: Metamorphic I EP Review

Published: March 26, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

You find yourself all alone on a deserted beach, similar to the one in Leonardo DiCaprio’s blockbuster The Beach. The water is serene, the air is smog free, and the stars above possess an unmatched radiance. Where you’ve traveled is completely a mystery, but this seems of little importance at the moment. What matters most is the overwhelming sense of freedom coursing through your veins, captivating each individual thought, beckoning you back to the innocence of childhood.
Snap back to reality, and you’re standing amongst thousands of people in front of a brightly lit stage. You’ve been watching Tritonal (Dave Reed & Chad Cisneros) pour their hearts into an unforgettable live performance for almost 30 minutes, creating a surreal and almost unbelievable ambiance. 
The Texas based trance outfit has singlehandedly changed the face of their respective scene these past few years, breaking boundaries with unstoppable creativity. On their latest release, Metamorphic I, we witness Tritonal soaring further above the earth’s atmosphere with three fervor-inducing, game-changing tracks.
Kickstarting the EP’s thoroughly immersive experience is “Bring Me Home,” amalgamating the stunning vocal cords of Meredith Call with euphoric and utterly chilling instrumentations. The track’s symphonic soundscapes don’t simply enter ear cavities, instead tugging away at your deepest and most personal emotions throughout.
 “Bullet That Saved Me” turns over a whole new leaf for Tritonal, venturing deeper into the world of electro with a ferocious and momentously hypnotizing anthem. Complete with ethereal harmonies from Underdown, painstakingly melodic build-ups, and shell-shocking drops that redefine bouncy.
 “Deep Into Black” rounds out the duo’s electrifying release, surging infinite layers of heartfelt melodies over bewitching drum work. Underdown once again provides his gripping vocal presence, belting out exhilarating lyrics over Tritonal’s most galvanizing synth work to date.
Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros have one again created pure bliss, busting out an extraterrestrial EP that begs listeners to constantly press repeat. Submerge your mind into Metamorphic I, along with their newly developed radio show Tritonia.

Tags: Trance