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Favorite ThisTranscendent Tunes unveils latest compilation Ideatio(N)

Published: March 14, 2018

By: Sanjay Gopal

Transcendent TunesThis fresh compilation from Transcendent Tunes brings a variety of interesting new tracks from new and innovative producers across the country. Unusual and eclectic arrays of sounds from realms of neuro funk-bass, DnB, and ethno-fusion dot this latest release from the Boston-based label helmed by HEISS.

It opens uptempo, whereas the prevalent rhythm is a more downtempo, mildly psychedelic chill in the second half of the compilation. The high eccentricity quotient means it's time for a private listen in the forest or your favourite outdoor spot.  The collection is a complex, funky, and futuristic electro amalgamation

The eastern journey of “Compos Mentis” by Calicofrost really stands out as a dazzling newcomer.

Bizzy's “Visitor” hearkens sounds entering from unseen worlds, parallel planes, creatures from other dimensions, communication in a percussive frenzy.

Heiss' “Wreckoning” sounds like an exciting, glitchy, cosmic glitch orcherstra comes to town! Wicked instrumentation is the Glass Cannon hallmark on “Fly Guise” with Ryan Morgan, a unique fusion of rock, rap, and innovative electronic, bass sounds.

Dancemyth is familiar to ThazDope Records fans. “Dough” has a nice little intro groove! A minimal track, easy on the ears and mind, with a slinky outro. Hive Mind's “Living Forest” closes things out with a realistic journey; storytelling through sound, imagery, water and thunder building to a steady 4/4 bass line, high-pitched chirps lead and a digiridoo takes us deep into the heart of the track. Our short forest frolic ends where it began.

Stream Ideatio(N) on SoundCloud or Spotify

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