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Favorite ThisHEISS returns with Hallowed Points

Published: December 12, 2017

By: Ellie Salrin

HEISSWe’re currently getting down to Hallowed Points, the newest release from electronic producer HEISS.

This adventure kicks off with the title track “Hallowed Points,” brimming with robust sound, heavy bass, and exhilarating energy. It goes deep and dark and at times turns ethereal and spacey. “Future Trippin’” is the home of robotic chatter alongside flowy electro beats and glitches that ride the perfect tempo. It begs the question, “Am I trippin’ to the future or am I already there?”

Two Tears In A Bucket” is up next, a percussion-heavy track with plenty of drum and bass rhythms, along with rowdy synth noises that shoot soundwaves like stars across the night sky. The EP is rounded out by “The Son And The Holy Ghost,” exuding a smoother, more mellow vibe. The melody is lush and the beat on point with plenty of layers to tickle those eardrums.

Frank Heiss is quite the enigma of a musician. His rich background includes playing with the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and drumming in a prog jam band, before segueing into an electronic musician who played and produced throughout the 90’s rave era in NYC. All of which lead to his current status of being stylistically fluent in countless sounds and genres.

His music carries strong references to the Divine, as seen in his 2012 debut album Awake(N), followed by Ascensio(N) the next year which was remixed by fellow producers. Also released where Absolutio(N), The Tragic Miracle EP, and most recently his psy-bass hip hop EP Shadow Work earlier this year.

Hallowed Points is no exception, heavily inspired by divinity and spiritual philosophies. This latest project characterizes itself with heavier dubsteppy beats that coalesce perfectly with electro and synth sounds while still maintaining a pleasant groove. Check it out for yourself and keep an eye on HEISS...who knows what he’ll come up with next.

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