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Favorite ThisTranscendent Tunes finds more rising stars with Veneratio(N) comp

Published: March 16, 2017

By: Mitchell Treend

Transcendent Tunes is about to release their latest compilation album featuring some brand new “Genre agnostic” tunes from up-and-coming producers far and wide.

Transcendent, founded by Frank Heiss in Boston, has developed a fairly extensive collection of compilation releases over the past couple of years. Featuring notable acts like Yheti and Soulacybin, these albums are carefully curated by the likes of founding producer Heiss as a way to showcase underground talent.

Next on deck for this series of releases is the Veneratio(N) collection. Each track boasts a unique flavor derived from the carefully selected cast of producers. Amid the spectrum of styles and technical prowess, sits the common thread binding each track to the emulation of veneration in action.

Standouts on the compilation including Mynah with label founder Heiss, Spaceship Earth featuring Ascentient, Zoo Logic, and buzzed about newcomer Orchestrobe. But every single track on this comp is firing in rhythm, and there is a beautiful continuity about the entire collection.

Find out more by sinking in to each of the 12 tracks in the entirety. You can stream the album for free on Soundcloud and download on the Transcendent Tunes Bandcamp page. There you will find the entire catalog of Transcendent releases as well as a rabbit hole of new music to explore.

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