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Favorite ThisTop 15 Producers with Pipes

Published: January 15, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Alright, let’s get one thing clear before we begin: we’re not talking about producers out there that like to smoke that sticky icky ganja—maybe we’ll compile that list in the near future—but this one focuses on multi-talented producers that balance mind-blowing production with shimmering vocals. Not everyone can pull of this impeccable combo, but this list digs into those musicians who do it best.

15. Morgan Page
Morgan Page - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
Most everyone has heard the tantalizing tunes of Morgan Page, but fewer can attest to experiencing his breathtaking vocals. His cover of “Message In A Bottle” showcases his duality as a producer and vocalist, while gently titillating your soul with a fresh take on a classic tune.

14. Skrillex
Skrillex - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
Sonny Moore got his start as the clean vocalist of the post hardcore group From First To Last, but skyrocketed to glory after shifting his focus towards producing. Skrillex continues to not only explore new realms of electronic music, but unleash his pitch-changed vocals over ubiquitous classics.

13. Jillian Ann
Jillian Ann - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
Jillian Ann has spent the last few years crafting a cinematic sound that relies heavily on neoclassical elements. Whether she’s producing daunting tunes, dropping dance floor anthems on crowds, or lending her vocals to artists like John B and MSD, it’s clear she’s a force to be reckoned with.

12. TC
TC - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
The name TC has become synonymous with gritty bass music, but recently he’s proven there’s a lot more in that repertoire of his. Tracks like “Make The Call” and “Get Dirty” unveiled his Rob Swire-esque vocals, while developing his aptitude to collaborate with big name artists like Camo & Krooked.

11. ill-esha
ill-esha - Top 15 Producers with Pipes
ill-esha clearly has musical A.D.D, and we love her for that. Elysha Zaide pours her heart into every mesmerizing tune, whether she’s dabbling in lovestep, downtempo, dubstep, or glitch-hop. Not to mention her breathtaking vocal abilities, which gracefully grapple your undivided attention.


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