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Favorite ThisTop 10 Summer Camp Acts You Gotta Catch

Published: April 30, 2014
By: Anand Harsh
Top 10 Summer Camp Acts You Gotta Catch
There's no real way to explain it. The butterflies, the antsy feeling in your bowels, that smell that hits your nose as you drag your shit through the parking on lot on the Thursday before Memorial Day--there's just nothing like Summer Camp Music Festival.

You know your homies are going to be sportin' those custom bandanas just inside those gates, ready to toss you a beer and run screaming into the woods. That Mike Ditka lookin' motherfucker parked right there on the corner, in the same place he's been for the past eleven years is going to chase you down and ask you if you left your shitty underwear at his campsite last night in his thick south side Chicago accent. Good times!

But there's also so damn much on the schedule to see, so hold on to your butts, we're going to break it down nice and easy for you.
DJ SOLO is the official Summer Camp spinner. He's thrown down countless classic sets, even remixing Umphrey's for the diehards--hardly anyone has been able to accomplish that. A total bloodhound, SOLO tracks down the most wicked tracks of the day, and spins them into these inimitible sets that are both funny and funky. Dude knows how to get down. Check out any of his sets for a crash course in what's hot at any one time.

9. Cosby Sweater
Cosby Sweater
This jazzy trio is on fire. Nonstop touring has turned these road dogs into a lean, mean, funkin' machine. Cosby Sweater recently picked up new drummer, Jeff Peterson, and haven't lost any steam at all, running right from their Party Dad release party with original stick man Richard "Sleepy" Floyd to a northeast run with Conspirator. Grab the new album today--for FREE--it's so damn good.

8. Manic Focus
Manic Focus
The Liberated act Manic Focus continues to tour like crazy, picking up fans everywhere he goes. John McCarten recently headlined his first show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, IL at the end of last month, and absolutely shredded the place. He's in-demand as a producer, and on the road as much as he can be. His electro-soul is scintillating, and he knows how to bring the heat, when necessary.

7. Dawn of MIDI
Dawn of MIDI

So Dawn of MIDI isn't exactly an "electronic act," per se. This jazz trio actually replicates trance music--and no, not the Dutch, Jesus-pose kinda trance, but like ancient traditions of repetitive phrases with very minimal changes that absolutely hypnotizes audiences. It's chill, it's eerie, it's minimal, and if you are freaking out at Three Sister's Park, for some reason, this might be the set to go dry out and find yourself. Check out this Radiolab short with the guys.

6. The M Machine (Live)
The M Machine
Whoo-daddy. Fans will remember wading through knee-high mud to get to The M Machine's set at Summer Camp last year. That was nutty. When they dropped the then-unreleased remix of Dog Blood's "Middle Finger," the roar of the storm was silenced by the roar of the crowd. This trio does their own thing, and they do it so well. Can't wait to hear this "Lucid Dream" remix live.


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