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Favorite ThisTop 10 STS9 Songs [Page 2]

Published: October 29, 2014

7. Golden Gate

Just a really beautiful song. From the opening bass chords, you know what's up.

6. Monkey Music

"Monkey Music" is the map for aspiring livetronica outfits. You start with a patient beat, you build tension with swirling guitar and bass lines that pick up speed and race towards a climax when everyone's going nuts and the crowd explodes into the other side with you. You can hear the sweat dripping off this one from Counterpoint earlier this year.

5. EHM

Songs like "EHM" is where STS9 gets the reputation for being a little darker, a bit more brooding, than many of their jam brethren. No sunny, happy chords in this one. It's all black and bleak as night.

Tags: Livetronica