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Published: June 10, 2014

Top 10 SONIC BLOOM ArtistsBefore you start your belly-achin', understand this: it's already a dumb undertaking to pare the list of a hundred plus amazing artists down to just the Top 10 Acts you absolutely, 100% cannot miss at SONIC BLOOM. It's a fool's errand. Clearly, we on the editorial staff had to make some tough choices.

The list we ended up with (after knuckles were bandaged and bloody nostrils were stuffed with tissues) represents the absolute pinnacle of perfection. These are bookings that blew our mind and eased our anticipation. We knew they were going to bring the the heat this year with the move to American Safari Ranch in South Park, CO (yes, expect everyone to be doing the Cartman all weekend) from June 19-22. Suddenly, the festival has the chance to grow and expand, and they just flat blew the doors of the damn thing. By the way, grab your ticket now at before the prices go up at the gate.

Regardless, it's always a good time at Bloom--which ever stage you happen to be in front of, chances are you've got a grin plastered across your face, and you're breakin' dem knees on the dance floor. But if you need assistance in planning your schedule, allow us to present the 10 sets you just can't miss.

10. Random Rab

10 - Random Rab

C'mon. A Random Rab sunrise set at SONIC BLOOM is the closest thing you're gonna get to a church at a festival. It's inspiring. It fills you with hope. It's powerful and present, and the bond that forms between you and the other early-risers (or late-bloomers) is unparalleled. Break on through to the other side with Rab.

9. Quixotic

9 - Quixotic

Enjoy picking your jaw up after the dirt after you see Quixotic's performance. This multi-platform performance troupe employs aerialists, dancers, projectionists, and an entire electronic orchestra of solid percussionists, an amazing violinist, and so much talent it makes your head explode. Just watch the video.

8. SONIC BLOOM ORCHESTRA - Kaminanda, ill-esha, EOTO, SaQi, + surprises

8 - Kaminanda

You just can't miss the SONIC BLOOM ORCHESTRA led by EOTOKaminanda (guitar), Dirtwire, ill-esha, Break Science, SaQi, and featuring surprise guests we can't even begin to talk about. It's gonna be flippin' insane, and we know folks are going to be talking about the magic that was created long after they play their final note.

7. Mr. Bill

7 - Mr. Bill

Rare is the time Mr. Bill gets to spend in the US. So the few summer shows he plays get a ton of attention. Midwest audiences got to flip out over him at Infrasound this past weekend, but the glitch-hop guru from Down Under is dialing in a performance blending funky breaks and chopped vocals that will set the Colorado crowd off. Holy shit is his collab with Virtual Riot the bee's knees.



A lot of folks are completely unaware that SONIC BLOOM actually originated as ZILLA's festival. The trio consisting of drummer Michael Travis (EOTO), guitarist/bassist Aaron Holstein (VibeSquaD), and hammered dulcimer maestro Jamie Janover is a tightly-knit improv machine that roams for hours through jazzy, funky, eerie, bizarre, crunchy, and ethereal soundscapes while delighting fans with their chops. Even though they play a handful of times each year, the unit is so solid and in lockstep, these telepathic geniuses don't need to rehearse--they just dive in.

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