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Favorite ThisTop 10 Seven Lions Songs [Page 2]

Published: May 27, 2015

By: Travis Gordon

5. Lose Myself ft Lynn Gunn

This track represented a change in the Seven Lions sound that a lot of fans weren't ready for, but they caught on quick. Really a return to his house and trance roots, the hard-nosed drop very much balanced the light and the dark in this standout from The Throes of Winter.

6. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)

One of Jeff Montalvo's biggest tracks to date, this remix seals him as the pop king for all time. No one is better than him at taking a mainstream tune, and turning it into a peak-hour, lovestep smasher.

5. Days To Come ft Fiora

Skrillex snatched up Seven Lions as fast as he could for this monster OWSLA release, that remains one of the label's biggest releases. You can hear this song's influence in the melodic dubstep scene over any other.

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