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Favorite ThisTop 10 Paradise Festival 2016 sets to see [Page 3]

Published: April 21, 2016

By: Kyle Rutherford

4. Vibe Street

Aside from being one of the hardest working electronic producers in the game, Ben Davis, the Colorado based mastermind behind Vibe Street, brings about some of the most creatively created productions around. This promising musician takes the hypnotic sounds of glitch, funk and hip-hop and mashes it up with the sultry sounds of folk, bluegrass and jam to forge a style unlike any other artist around. Having remixed the likes of Papadosio, Dr. Dre, Jack Johnson and Umphrey’s McGee, and played multiple sets at festivals all across the nation, Vibe Street’s bright and electrifying performances both Friday and Saturday night will keep Paradise attendees dancing far into the AM.

3. Aqueous

As growing force in the groovy side of jam rock, this Buffalo, NY four piece really knows how to bring the energy to their live sets. With celestial vocal work, dynamic compositional synergy and aggressive improvisational jams, Aqueous’s seven years of symbiosis has given the band a solid following and amazing sound to boot. With a list of upcoming festivals dates, including Electric Forest, Summer Camp and the Mad Tea Party Jam, their two sets, including a Friday evening Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute and a Saturday late night, will definitely be two of the most talked about sets of the whole festival!

2. ekoostik hookah

The “Ohio Grown” heroes will definitely be a spectacle to witness both Friday and Saturday nights. These talented players have performed all over the nation and in multiple other countries over their 25-year history, sharing the stage with the likes of Bob Weir, Willie Nelson and Bruce Hornsby. The five piece psychedelic jam group is fueled by Steve Sweeney’s otherworldly guitar licks combined with Dave Katz’s stellar keyboard and lyrical skills. You can be sure that the Paradise crowd will be constantly singing along during both of their energetic sets, showcasing the musical family this band has created in Ohio!

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