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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Side Projects of 2015 [Page 2]

Published: December 3, 2015

By: Pedro Acosta

10. thestand4rd

Rappers who produce always have a strange mastery over their beats but this collaborative project is taking it to the next level. When Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, Psymun, and Spooky Black come together they are the stand4rd. They provide smooth rhymes over some dark Crystal Castles style beats.

9. Ojivolta

They first worked together producing a track for LIZ but now they break barriers in one collaborative project as Ojivolta. Oji and Volta use their tight production skills to wow their listeners with a Flume-esque, wonder bass sound.


Most know this 21-year-old producer from Leeds as dubstep prodigy 50 Carrot but this musician also creates under a different alias. BLNT music is supposed to be “a more musical oriented” side of this young producers mind. His music for BLNT is much more downtempo yet retains a sense of filth.

7. Champagne Drip

SPL is known for his heavy drum & bass/ dubstep sound but he also creates under the guise of Champagne Drip. For this project, the LA-based producer creates a futuristic trap wonderland where the listener is surrounded by the ethereal sounds that makes Champagne Drip.

6. PEGA5U5

When Mr. Rogers joins forces with his brother Pharroh, behold the mighty PEGA5U5. This collaborative project is establishing itself as a must-hear duo in the funky glitch-hop scene due to their interstellar vibrations that they bring to us earthlings.

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