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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Side Projects of 2015

Published: December 3, 2015

By: Pedro Acosta

Top 10 Side Projects 2015From Pablo Picasso to Petey Pablo, artists don’t stick to one style or personality throughout their career. This is especially true in the electronic music industry, with artists having various side projects that sometimes includes collaboration with their friends, or just serve as a passion project to pursue some weird angle that might infringe upon the main brand. Hell, sometimes the side project becomes bigger than the main one!

To highlight the eclectic beauty of many artists across the scene, we decided to put together our fifteen favorite side projects of 2015 (you get five bonus acts for being so good this year), because it's always inspiring to see artists staying true to their personal creative expression, as opposed to making music from a plastic mold.

15. Summer Was Fun

Formerly known as the dubstep-dropping DotEXE, this Chicagoan totally changed his sound by taking up a new project under the alias, Summer Was Fun. Instead of dubstep remixes of Blink-182, this inspiring producer has taken up a chill wave, indie dance hybrid that is delightful to say the least.

12. Suicide Pt. 2

Misogi usually focuses on making futuristic trap and Teddy usually raps over hip-hop beats, but when they come together it’s a whole different story. Their collaborative project highlights Misogi’s guitar skills and Teddy’s lyricism. The result is beautiful mix of soft synths and an agonizingly beautiful punk rock sound.

13. Yung Nostril

Oshi has made himself known as the avant-garde producer that helped found Film Noir: Sound, but he is also known as No$tril aka yung nostril aka yung sus aka yung netflix & chill. Yes, Oshi raps and he goes in, but according to him, it's “just 4 laffs.”

12. NH ØD

Øfdream and Nothing Here collaborate as NH ØD. Over the past year they have been making dreamy-dark trap that transports the listener to an eerie portal of nothingness, or so it may seem...


Tk Keyembe and King Henry met in the fall of 2012 through mutual friend Sasha Grey and now they are LION KNGS. These artists have brought together their unique styles to form this fresh trap personality.

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