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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Releases - November 2013 [Page 2]

Published: December 4, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

5. SunSquabi - Fundamental Interaction
SunSquabi  - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

We have been fans of SunSquabi since these boys emerged out of Boulder, CO. So to be able to see them assemble this LP over the course of three EP releases this year gave us the ability to watch them grow right before our eyes. Powerful choices, technical chops, and an ear for what's happening in electronic music made this release a monster!

4. K Theory - Midtempo Revolution
K Theory - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

K Theory brought together some of the most happening acts in glitch and swing to prove to the world that the Midtempo Revolution is coming. Of course, we already knew the BPMs were inching ever upwards, so we get to say "we told you so," but we're just snotty like that. Highlights include the Love and Light contribution, as well as this nifty number from Tut Tut Child.

3. Krooked Drivers - Right Beneath Your Feet
Krooked Drivers - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

In the electro-soul game, there are imitators, and there are innovators. Sorry for stealing your line, Jim James. But c'mon, you've got all that My Morning Jacket money to fall back on. Sorry, not sorry. Krooked Drivers are the innovators. Sweet productions, really cool instrumentations, and tons of effort went into this release, and it shows. Gravitas comes up twice in this list. Good lookin' out!

2. Wick-it The Instigator - Rise of the Flabongos
Wick-it - Top 10 EDM Releases - November 2013

Nobody starts a party like Wick-it The Instigator. What did you think he was instigating? Food fights? Well... possibly. The flabongo-wielding madman has been burning up the south all year, and this mix that he dropped was a heater! Tons of unreleased tracks, crazy remixes, and his patented tongue-in-cheek re-interpretations landed this one at our 2-spot. Love you, Andrew!! Watch out for those maniacal birds, buddy...

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