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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Duos [Page 2]

Published: October 8, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Disclosure
Disclosure - Top 10 EDM Duos

Brothers in arms, this British duo has proved that combatting sibling rivalry is best done by joining forces. Damn their parents must be proud! Guy and Howard Lawrence have stormed the music industry these past twelve months with a full forced assault that has yet to Settle, arguably gaining fame quicker then any artist in the dance world. Actually, that isn’t even up for argument. That’s just a fact. And can we talk about Disclosure's live setup? Vocals, synths, drums, and bass guitar layered over shackling production, fusing to create an energetic yet poignant performance from start to finish. So “What’s The Difference” between your siblings and the Lawrence brothers? About five vocal features, three singles, and two vehicles. 

4. The Chemical Brothers
The Chemical Brothers - Top 10 EDM Duos
First an abundance of Canadians, and now we’ve got more brothers? Alright, it’s been confirmed that The Chemical Brothers aren’t actually related—maybe just eskimo brothers. They have been around since the early 90’s. We have to assume their man parts crossed paths at least once. Maybe even more. On the musical side of things, the towering duo has never let up with their mystifying and reinvigorating sound. Consistently providing fans with something unique and spellbinding, yet never allowing dance music’s ephemeral trends affect their musical direction. The true sign of a legend really. 91 ‘Til Infinity bitch. And let’s not forget that Hanna soundtrack. Visionaries for life.

3. Infected Mushroom
Infected Mushroom - Top 10 EDM Duos
We see countless artist posting about “Death to Genres” these days. While commendable, it’s insurmountably evident that Infected Mushroom has been tearing genre barriers to shreds like it was their job for years now. Technically, this is their job. And they’ve been doing the damn thing with a schizophrenic sound that amalgamates their Israeli roots with menacing instrumentations since Independence Day was in the box office. And while we still haven’t experienced an alien invasion yet, we guarantee taking a proper dosage of Infected Mushroom(s) and staring into the night sky could make anything appear. Vicious Delicious FTW. 

2. Justice
Justice - Top 10 EDM Duos
Partying the night away to Justice is like reliving the 80’s. Headbands strapped on tightly, roller blades fitting just right, and dancing your heart out to some groovy tunes. And for all those 90’s babies out there, don’t be ashamed. With enough Justice in your cerebellum anything is possible. You could go back in time and introduce all the honeys to Cross. We promise they will love you for that. Just like Craig Robinson did in Hot Tub Time Machine. Although we have to wonder why he played them The Black Eyed Peas. And you saw how crazy they got. Just imagine if you played them “D.A.N.C.E.” You would instantly be labeled a living legend. Then you could just stick around and invent Skrillex and make millions off that.

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