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Favorite ThisTop 10 Burning Man 2015 Sound Camps [Page 2]

Published: August 26, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

7. Steampunk Saloon - 5:00 & Esplanade

Steampunk Saloon

The saloon is a fixture in Black Rock City, and this year, there's a certain special fowl that hasn't kept itself clean that is on the schedule for a big block on Wednesday... might want to check that out.

6. Skinny Kitty Teahouse - 3:15 & Donniker

Skinny Kitty

Seek shelter in the ubiquitous clam-shaped structure of the Skinny Kitty Teahouse, which hosts a Thursday night party featuring some boomin' west coast bass from Nickodemus, The OriGinALz, Matt Haze, Zack Darling, and more.

5. Something Freaky This Way Foams - 4:00 & Geek

Something Freaky this way Foams

Who cares about the music? SHOWERS. Get that thick layer of dust off, and clean yourself up while gettin' dirty with the Dr. Bronner's fam. It's definitely the friskiest party on the Playa.

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