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Favorite ThisTop 10 Breakout EDM Artists

Published: November 26, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Electronic music is filled to the gills with talent. Fresh faces are popping up in every corner of the globe, following in the footsteps of their predecessors while continuously constructing new bodies of sound and even genres. This scene is overflowing with capable musicians, but standing out has become a cutthroat struggle. Picking a solid name, branding, and discovering an elegant balance between complete innovation and keeping up with current trends are all imperative to the industry’s reception of any one artist. Literally learning to mix business with pleasure. Too much of either can be detrimental to your career. Making great music but lacking a plan for success, or focusing too much on image and allowing your music to deteriorate. Balancing touring with studio time, mixing your career with much needed personal time.

Each of these artists has found their middle ground. It doesn’t come instantly, and not one person on this list would tell you differently. These ten artists have blossomed in a major way throughout 2013. Some are just now getting attention, whilst others are turning the accolades they received in 2011 and 2012 into worldwide acclaim. We’ve diligently watched each producer progress monumentally this year, and we expect nothing less in 2014 and further down the line. 

10. SuperVision
SuperVision - Top 10 Breakout EDM Artists
In 2011, SuperVision released Telescopic via Pretty Lights Music. The shimmering and blissful album inspired the conscious of any listener who tuned in, gripping their imagination with magnetic tracks like “Giving Me Life” and “Arcane.” Unfortunately for SuperVision, the LP just didn’t draw him enough attention. The album was undoubtedly impressive, but the Texas-based produced was overshadowed by fellow PLM rostermates like Paper Diamond, Gramatik, and Michal Menert. This year we witnessed SuperVision’s unrelenting rise take on a whole new meaning with Telekinetic, proving that his freshman effort was no fluke and further solidifying his stock in the electro-soul department.

9. Branchez
Branchez - Top 10 Breakout EDM Artists
New York City based producer Branchez was not a common name in the early months of 2013. To be honest, we didn’t even know who he was. And that’s our damn job. Keeping up with the ever-evolving talent in today’s flourishing industry can be a task, but there was no denying the wildfire-esque spread of tunes from Branchez recently. His remix of What So Not was unavoidable for a second there. Everyone was posting that shit. Blogs, fans, other artists, and it didn’t hurt that he was touring the nation at the time with Zeds Dead and Paper Diamond. Branchez has mastered the art of ethereal trap-laden tracks, each individually hand woven with care and the desire to grapple the psyche of those lucky enough to tune in. Expect huge things from him in 2014!

8. Cyril Hahn
Cyril Hahn - Top 10 Breakout EDM Artists
Come on Cyril Hahn. How do you do it? Remixing the “unremixable,” switching up tracks we assumed were locked away in the musical vaults of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Something about his style is just unavoidably catchy. People can’t get enough. Like a kid with candy. One bite and the whole crowd is soaring higher than the damn stratosphere. Many of his best remixes were released in the final stages of 2012, but it wasn’t till recently that his unique style starting catching on with audiences and fans. It’s gentle yet enticingly dance-worthy. It’s glowing with pop tendencies, but still entirely capable of satisfying the indie crowd. Touring with Ryan Hemsworth, standing out at major music festivals, and releasing his “Perfect Form” single were the highlights of Hahn’s year, and this is just the beginning.

7. Kaytranada
Kaytranada - Top 10 Breakout EDM Artists
Kaytranada was all over the board this year. The Canadian producer with a strong case of musical A.D.D was dabbling in instrumental hip-hop, garage based beats, and R&B remixes with an unstoppable vengeance. More impressive though was his ability to create an identifiable sound regardless of the sonic palate he wanted to explore at the time. Following in the footsteps of fellow HW&W artists like Ta-Ku, we watched Kaytranada execute each individual track he released with a certain poise and individuality that consistently varied from previous efforts. You never really know what to expect when diving into a new Kaytranada track. Then again, isn’t that half the fun? 

6. Haywyre
Haywyre - Top 10 Breakout EDM Artists

Martin Vogt possesses a refined understanding of musical theory well beyond his years. Than again, that’s what happens when you start playing piano at the tender age of six. The bourgeoning producer’s music might seem random at times, but pay closer attention and you’ll realize that each note serves a specific role in the song’s entire spectrum. Vogt’s stranglehold on jazz theory and classical bodies of work has truly set him apart amongst his peers this year. Calling him a producer doesn’t even do justice. Haywyre is a composer. Just imagine what he could do with entire orchestra at his fingertips. He could be the first fully electronic conductor, spreading his addicting symphonies across the globe. Imagine the possibilities.

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