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Favorite ThisHaywyre unveils Two Fold Pt. 2 via Monstercat

Published: February 12, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

Haywyre, you know this guy? Skinny, young, and talented. He makes music. Maybe you have heard some of his tracks. If not, get with the program, kid.

Martin Vogt snuck out “Moment” at the end of last week, a track that blends together proper musicality with what can only be described and “pure, sexy magic." Kicking off fun and fresh, the intro lays down a silky set of piano chords before unleashing the haunting vocal sample that carries the melody throughout the rest of the track. 

But that is not the half of it. Vogt’s extreme production prowess shows in his wildly creative bass lines. Lush and full-bodied, the whole thing is out of control in the best possible way.

Haywyre finally released his entire Two Fold Pt. 2 album via Monstercat this week, so make sure you grab it here.

Tags: Deep HouseDubstepGlitchHip HopHouseTrap