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Favorite ThisTop 10 Australian EDM Artists [Page 2]

Published: October 17, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Ta-Ku
Ta-Ku - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists

#songstobreakupto might be the first release to make people say things like “I now think the guy I was seeing cut me off because Ta-Ku (Perth) inspired him to break my heart and write a song about it” and “Would someone please date me for a day so we can break up and I can appreciate Ta-Ku’s new EP to the max?” The release makes you want to experience heartbreak, or relive the heartbreak you’ve had in the past. It’s nostalgic and poignant, but in a Drake song sort of way. Just way better. #stbut over Nothing Was The Same any day. It’s addicting. Makes us want to hashtag things. #heartbreak #closetdrakefans #summerfling #atethewholetuboficecream.  

4. Rob Swire (Knife Party / Pendulum)
Rob Swire - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists
While we’re still on the subject of Twitter and hashtagging, can we talk about Rob Swire’s (Perth) recent tweets? The man himself stated “We’re probably going to release another Pendulum album some time next year” and “There will be a KP album before that also.” Not to rush anything Swire, but can we focus on the Pendulum album? We need that. Real bad. Let’s hope this isn’t a case of Detox and the album actually comes out. And not to distract anyone from the matter at hand, but did you know Rob Swire co-wrote and produced “Rude Boy” by Rihanna. Let that sink in.

3. The Presets
The Presets - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists
Legends in Australia’s electronic scene, The Presets (Sydney) undoubtedly helped spark the unstoppable creativity that is ever-present amongst so many producers from “the land of thunder.” The cutting edge duo has opened for Daft Punk, created the longest spanning single in Australian chart history, and we’re the first electronic artists to win album of the year at the ARIA Music Awards. If you don’t know what that is, we suggest a quick google search. Basically the Grammys for Aussies, and not to mention an event that Flume just dominated with eight nominations. The Presets’ influence continues to spread, and their most recent album will have you screaming “Crikey” from start to finish. RIP Steve Irwin. Another Australian legend.

2. Hermitude
Hermitude - Top 10 Australian EDM Artists
Hermitude (Blue Mountains) might have the dopest name in electronic music. Some crazy synthesis of the words hermit and attitude, relating to “authenticity, the inner attitude to life, and developing one's inner and intuitive life.” Then again, can you really trust We think not, but it sounded good at the time. The rambunctious duo has been releasing stellar albums for over ten years now, creating a tropical amalgam of dance music and hip-hop beats. Doesn’t that just sound amazing? We recommend starting with HyperParadise and working your way down the list. Initiate sonic journey through space and time, and nature.

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