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Favorite ThisThe Widdler pens an ode to the Sea with 'Triton'

Published: March 12, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

The Widdler - TritonThere are fewer things more rewarding than watching Willem Dafoe completely lose his shit over the course of two hours. Unfortunately for many, being cooped up in our houses over the past year made The Lighthouse seem a bit too real. Thankfully, Yoni Oron has a great sense of humor about the whole affair.

The Widdler's tribute to Neptune and his triple-tined weapon is out today on Youngsta's Sentry Records. Feast your ears on the title track from Triton, ye scallywags. Swab your decks until you can see your grizzled beard smiling toothlessly back at you. The menacing blow of the foghorn mixes with Oron's signature pounding 140 groove. The whole EP is a delight, but this particular track is a better companion than any seagull could be.

Speaking of being cooped up indoors for too long, the much-postponed Wobble Rocks weekend finally has a great shot of happening. Ganja White Night hosts The Widdler, Khiva, Ternion Sound, and Mala on the Throwback Set Saturday in mid-November. Can't wait to see everyone's tobacco spit-stained overalls and crazy eyes as they make their way back from the brink of madness to popular society.

Sorry, the vinyl is already sold out, but you can download the tunes from Sentry.

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