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Favorite ThisThe Untz Festival Artist Spotlight: Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution

Published: October 20, 2015

By: Jonathan Gross

The Untz FestivalMany fans have become familiar with Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution over the past few years from their international appearances at the best-of-the-best transformational festivals, as well as The Untz-presented Earth Heart Tour with Desert Dwellers, in the midst of its North American run this fall.

The intensely introspective layers of deep, soul-searching subsonic waves emanating from Australia's Kalya Scintilla, as well as his tribal trance alter ego Merkaba, have captured the hearts and minds of bass music fans who have been looking for something more substantial with their music tastes. The stunningly psychedelic stage show he has crafted alongside Eve Olution can hardly be put into words--it must be experienced.

On top of Kalya Scintilla's own incredible music, he has also created a platform for fellow psychedelic and spiritual artists who are able to tap into heart- and eco-centric sonic soundscapes. Merkaba Music has captured releases from AtYyA, Mystral, Mumukshu, Master Minded, Subaqueous, DRRTYWULVZ, and many more. Just last week, fans were treated to Cualli's latest album, Birds of Bliss.

We are thrilled to count Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution among the few chosen to headline The Untz Festival, taking place June 2-4, 2016 at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds in Mariposa, CA, alongside longtime collaborator Kaminanda, as well as fellow Aussie Mr. Bill, in addition to the others.

The combination of heartfelt music, primal rhythms, and enchanting storytelling makes for a theatrical production unlike anything else we've seen in the electronic music scene. That's no doubt the source of this pair's musical magnetism. I got the chance to ask them how this imaginative vision came to be.

How did the two of you develop the story for Open Ancient Eyes, which really laid the foundation for the full blossoming of the Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution project?

We started the storyboard layout for Open Ancient Eyes in December of 2012. Each song would just finish completion in the recording studio and then we'd take that unreleased song and put it directly on stage and breathe it to life via performance. The various characters were born during that time and are still used today in our live sets. It took us two years to finally complete the album and release it during the fall equinox of 2014. This was a special moment for us, as we got to witness the whole album as it was intended to be. We created a full theatrical production with guest artists during the official launch party. We wanted to perform this hero's journey for the audience and give them the experience of the intricacy of all the meaning interlaced within it. To say the least, it was a success. 
Kalya Scintilla & Eve OlutionI've heard tell of a brand new Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution experience that will be unveiled in 2016. Are there any hints you can give us about what all that entails?

Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution is looking to evolve to new heights in 2016, with full production of multimedia and theatrical transmissions narrating our live sets. We want to give the audience a full multi-dimensional experience of connecting to ancient mythology within the whole production that is relevant to us all today as we are collectively remembering of our connection to this planet and life force of all existence.
Why is it important for this project specifically to bring an emphasis on theater and story into a dance music setting--a scene that has historically been much more about the party?
The power of intention and the power of the heart experienced as one is what we feel most of our fans can say they receive from our offerings. Whether they are aware of it or not they all seem to feel and sense something very special and different is happening in our offerings. They can feel it and some love to explore what that difference is by watching and listening closely. They find the story inside the music taking form in the ritual theater performed with it, which weaves an ancient language that many of us have forgotten. They are doorways into exploring higher states of consciousness and in that personal discovery we begin to see and experience the truth of the power we as humans have. This is why we feel so many people are choosing "Transformational" festivals as opposed to other gatherings, because they looking for something more than just a party. And that something more is what we want to offer in our shows. 
Visit to grab your festival passes and learn all about our inaugural event. You can volunteer, get directions to the site, and browse through our ticket packages and selections.

Visit Merkaba Music to learn about all the incredible artists who have found a home on Kalya Scintilla's label. Click here to find all the tour dates for Earth Heart, Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution's North American fall tour with Desert Dwellers.

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