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Favorite ThisThe Polish Ambassador Commemorates Nate Dogg

Published: March 22, 2011

Men, Women, Asexual...

This is your monthly digest of happenings here at Jumpsuit Records aka The Embassy. First up, Nate Dogg. 

Nate Dogg Remix

Nate Dogg (R.I.P.), you were a legend. You are a legend. Here's a FREE remix for all you Nate Dogg fans out there. Is anyone not a Nate Dogg fan? Send Nate Dogg out in style by bumping this in your whip, or on the company boombox for your co-workers down at Bojangles. Free on Bandcamp and Soundcloud for everyone. 


Autonomous Music

I'm now working with Autonomous Music for my bookings! What this means is bigger shows, more shows, more cities, and sharing the stage with super talented artists. Their roster includes some of my faveorites like Heyoka, Vibesquad, Mochipet, Emancipator, Alex B, Little People and more! We still have a few dates left to fill on my 1320 National tour, so if you're a promoter interested, get in touch with them ASAP!

1320 Record Release - Future, Sex, Computers

Things are just about set for launch. Get ready for an announcement in the next couple weeks with album drop date, tour dates and more! Gonna be major, and I can't wait to see/kick it with all you guys out on the road!!!

That's all for now!  

Big lovins'

David Sugalski aka Polish Ambassador (Ample Mammal)


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