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Favorite ThisBeloved Festival goes all in on devotional, roots, and conscious dance

Published: July 12, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

There is no annual summer gathering that even compares to the collection of conscious dance, devotional music, Roots & Americana, and international superstars Beloved Festival is able to tap each year. Much more than a festival, Beloved is able to capture inspiring voices from all over the world, all over the music industry, and throughout the decades to create a melange of artistry perfect for fans of all ages and backgrounds. The festival returns once more to Tidewater Falls in Tidewater, Oregon from August 10-13.

On top of its incredibly diverse lineup, workshops, speakers, and artisans, the people who gather each year at Beloved are what truly makes this event so special—and what has helped sell it out many times over the years.

One name that will stand out to our fans is the new live arrangement from The Polish Ambassador, who will performing a set with his band The Diplomatic Scandal. Other big names include Blackalicious and deep house duo KMLN. Legendary dance acts from the region, DJ Dragonfly, Michael Manahan, Manoj, and Rara Avis, bring a touch of the familiar to the festival. But Beloved has the ability to bring out incredible international superstars like Angélique Kidjo and Femi Kuti, along with their respective live acts.

Because of its renown, and family-friendly vibes, Beloved Festival has a nasty habit of selling out. In fact, Tier 1 tickets are almost gone, so if you're thinking about attending this incredibly unique event, I encourage everyone to head over to to snag yours.

Beloved Festival

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