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Favorite ThisThe Papadosio video for 'Epiphany' is so flippin adorable.

Published: September 16, 2015

By: Kyle Rutherford

Papadosio’s second single “Epiphany” from the forthcoming Extras in a Movie LP is different in two great ways. Besides the music having a different feel from what we normally here from Dosio, the music video directed by keyboard maestro Sam Brouse is definitely as off-kilter as the band, itself.

In regards to the music, it doesn’t exactly sound like what we have grown to expect from the quintet. The standard sweeping soundscapes have been replaced by chillwave, indie-rock guitar work, along with rising, echoing vocals complemented by lower, breathy croons. The lyrics speak of breaking out of the sadness within one’s head and focusing on the connectedness with others around you, which is still on message, tonally.

The video goes along well with the lyrics, kind of like the storyline of an episode of Sesame Street. It opens with a sad blue puppet taking a cupcake out of his fridge on his birthday (which happens to be Sept 15, the date of the video’s release). While sad blue puppet mopes on his couch and watches TV, happy orange puppet is celebrating HIS birthday with all of his friends and members of Papadosio (who wouldn’t want that for their birthday?). Orange puppet calls up blue puppet and invites him over, where everyone surprises him with cake, presents and a sing-along. While it might seem weird at first to see the oh so cute puppets jamming along to the music, the message behind it all will still make you smile.

Friendship triumphs, as Papadosio hurtles towards its October 2nd release.

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