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Favorite ThisThe Human Experience collaborates with Colibri on 'Into Your Wild'

Published: September 29, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

We sometimes get a peek into the nascent stages of a budding musical relationship. Occasionally we get to be in on the ground floor of what blossoms into a full-blown sonic project that leaves us utterly stunned. Today, we get a glimpse of the newly formed bond between David Block and Nadine Casanova.

The Human Experience and Colibri lovingly crafted "Into Your Wild," a sultry, patient exploration of melodies and gentle rhythmic interplay. Months ago, Block sent a folder of instrumentals to Casanova to dig through. Among those instrumentals was the early sketch of "Into Your Wild," to which The Human Experience only heard one line (borrowed from a friend): "Lead me into, show me what you got." We think Nadine Casanova nailed Block's intention of a "sensual surrender."

Casanova used the instrumental as a springboard for what became a lush, delicate symphony of sounds and song that seems simple on the surface, but contains so much fiery passion and intensity--in addition to some fancy mandolin work from Noam Aharon. Colibri is already working on new Human Experience material, and the pair is collaborating on a new piece with longtime UNTZ favorite Phutureprimitive (and Rain is actually remixing this tune, too).

We wait patiently to hear more from this stunning new pairing.

Tags: DowntempoElectronica