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Favorite ThisThe Digital Connection: The Center of Gravity EP Review

Published: July 5, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

While most humans are comprised of flesh and bones, Ricky Shine’s makeup is wildly different. Shine aka The Digital Connection is half-computer, half-midi keyboard and uses these components to unleash thunderous bass bursts.

Producers who call Denver home have a lot of competition—it just goes without saying. While it is important to possess elements of the Colorado sound movement to keep up with the times, it is also key to establish a sound that sets you apart. This seems to be a balance that The Digital Connection has been able to strike perfectly. His nostalgic instrumentations and groovy dub lines possess a unique feel that will quickly entrance the mind of its listeners, and have them floating away on a breathtaking spiritual journey. This can be heard on original tracks like the ones stemming from his A Universal Outcome album, and on thrilling switch ups of artists like Flight Facilities and James Egbert.

His newest release, The Center of Gravity, released via Gravitas Recordings is an earth-shattering release that will quickly establish him as an artist who is willing to give it all he’s got to make a name for himself.
Opening up the EP is “Unusual Entities,” which is a crafty tune that immediately strikes with limitless string samples and raunchy snare hits that eventually make their way into a series of catchy dub lines. Also on the release is a massive remix by glitch monster Cryptex, who turns the track into an aggressive banger that will put any listeners mind into the front seat of a speeding car.

 “An Imbalance” is an immersive track that features wet synth lines and effervescent dub tones that will quickly prove to any listener how fast Shine is improving as an artist.

“On a Brighter Note” is a charismatic cut that will have its listener bobbing their head to the songs slower tempo, while the GoldRush version is an out of this world, piano infused track that you can’t just listen to once.

The Center of Gravity is a heart stopping EP that takes The Digital Connection’s sound to all new uncharted territories, with a heart stopping release that is incredibly pleasing to the ears.

Tags: DowntempoDrum and BassDubstepGlitchHip HopLivetronica