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Favorite ThisDynohunter & Evanoff bring jamtronica home to The Fox Boulder April 14

Published: March 31, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Dynohunter & Evanoff Boulder, COWe here at take pride in our depth and breadth of knowledge in the field of jamtronica. That very special genre that lies at the intersection of the jam band world and the sounds of electronica, specifically, house, trance, and techno. We cut our teeth in the festival world, where jam rules the day, and electronic music rages the night. Coming out of that breeding ground, we make sure to take special note of the new acts who take live instrumentation to new heights, and thrill fans of all genres with cutting-edge grooves that bend and twist at the whim of talented musical technicians.

Two of those talented acts we've been fawning over for the past couple of years are plotting a hometown show in the heart of Colorado next month. On April 14th, two Boulder, Colorado-based bands hit The Fox Theatre for a nice of livetronica glory. Why do we know these acts so well? We put them on our own festival, for goodness sakes.

Dynohunter has been one of our favorite acts in the industry for years. Since they hopped on the scene, the trio of saxophonist Clark Smith, bassist Fred Reisen, and drummer Justin Ehmer have been tearing up clubs across the country, and churning out impressive studio tracks with relative ease. From their first album through the most recent track, Justified, the Dyno squad has evolved through a number of sounds and styles, before settling on this cunning blend of techno and thrilling instrumentation.

One of the newer bands on our watchlist is fellow Boulder trio Evanoff. Led by shredding guitarist JJ Evanoff, and anchored by the battery of Parker Oberholzer and Jake Hall, these youngsters are ushering a brand new sound: Dream Rock. A blend of classic rock and futuristic electronica, the tireless threesome has toured the country extensively, sharing the stage with numerous acts, and honing its sound with each successive date.

Not only can you catch these exciting acts (along with bass producer Ricky Shine performing one of his carefully assembled sets as The Digital Connection) at The Fox in Boulder, CO on April 14, but if you're outside the Colorado area, set your sights on June 2-4 in Mariposa, CA for The Untz Festival, where you can see DYNOHUNTER and Evanoff work their magic on the festival stage.

Buy your tickets to the April 14th show at The Fox in Boulder!

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