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Favorite ThisSupersillyus snuck out the silliest album of the summer (it's great).

Published: July 25, 2016

By: Sterling Martin

The now Colorado-based producer Supersillyus released his album Charade this past spring, which boasts a range of ambient and psychedelic dub unlike any you’ve heard before.

Within the first couple of minutes of “Mirage a Trois,” it’s clear that an adventure is going to unfold. The quick and unexpected pace is something Rob Uslan accomplishes in a slick manner, simply by the way he gradually fades some instrument/synth tracks and allows others to take the listener by surprise.

A bubbly start can be found in “Aeon Bahamut.” The song bears some similarities to “Mirage a Trois”—both of which only giving a glimpse of the entire Charade has to offer.

One of the more cinematic tracks on the release is “A List of Instructions for When I’m Human.” A warped Doctor Who gives a warning, saying that before he changes, the first rule is “Don’t let me hurt anyone… you know what humans are like.” The song continues with that same voice being modulated and manipulated to give the groove its structure, before continuing through various progressions.

The Great Shenanigan” not only continues the driving rhythm found in the rest of the album, but it further switches tempo without warning—perpetuating the notion of the unexpected.

Supersillyus SummerA well-deserved recovery is in store as Charade nears its end. In the form of the release’s title track, the outro couldn’t be more fitting as such. Uslan shows off his versatility while also proving his production genius. The mixture of styles he incorporates ensure that you won’t find another sound like his… in this, or any other galaxy you find yourself experiencing his music.

Catch Supersillyus at Wild Woods out east at the end of this month, and then at the crazy art space Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the beginning of next. He’ll also be at Knew Conscious Gallery in Denver in the middle of August and opens up September with a bang at Great North in Maine where he’ll be performing alongside his Supersillyus Lifeband with members of lespecial.

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