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Favorite ThisSugarBeats - Cherry Bomb Review

Published: April 1, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

If funk and glitch had themselves a romantic night on the town, complete with fine wine, expensive cheese, and some heavy petting, their resulting baby would undoubtedly be named SugarBeats (Golden Toast & Badmath). The west coast duo combines the two genres with an effortless finesse, creating groove-laden anthems that instantly grab your attention.
We exclusively unveiled the duo’s monstrous tune “Nickles” last week, and now their full length is available to the general public via Street Ritual Records. Cherry Bomb is innovative, thoroughly fresh, and just waiting to incite a massive party.
“Cymatic” blasts open with an abundance of dance-worthy synth sections, instantly converting any listener’s current mood from “blah” to ecstatic. Bouncy takes on an entirely different meaning the second this bad boy drops, and its got bass for days, or possibly even weeks.
“Underpin” is the definition of midtempo. Addicting vocal samples and ethereal string sections pluck away at your beating heart, carefully coalescing to create Bonobo-esque moments. Easily the group’s most potent work to date, and it’s bound to leave fans everywhere agape. 
“Scratch” amalgamates the classic SugarBeats sound with newfound elements of disco, surging visceral synth melodies over entrancing snare hits. The duo continues to push the boundaries of glitch with each rambunctious tune, and we’re seriously blown away by their second release.
Cherry Bomb skyrockets the production abilities of SugarBeats, infusing driving instrumentations with an ever-changing ambiance throughout the album. Also included are four effervescent remixes from Mr. Bill, kLL sMTH, Dulahb, and Duffrey, each bringing their own contagious sound to the release.

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