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Favorite ThisSpaceship Earth curates Expansio(N) for Transcendent Tunes

Published: November 10, 2017

By: Sanjay Gopal

Spaceship EarthThe fifth compilation from Transcendent Tunes, and the first to be curated by a producer other than label founder, HEISS, comes from the one and only Spaceship Earth. While he collaborates with musicians Sektor Z and Mynah on two of the comp's tracks, every single selection adheres to the genre agnostic principle of the label.

With artists from the west coast and east coast, both male and female producers, both female and male vocalists, both electronic production and organic musicians, this collection is all about the Expansio(N) of consciousness, and music. I believe these artists are on the forefront of this movement.

The philosophy of the compilation is multi-faceted, intending to facilitate an environment where it's okay to be yourself and people are connecting in more expansive ways, in healthier ways, and to spread a message of conscious unity; to look up and out at the stars, while also pointing inwards.

People need to see that we are all on the same planet, and we are all the same, yet we must embrace our minor differences and see that individuality, is the way towards a true community. Not only to look towards outer space as our species evolves, but also, to look inward and around, at Earth to see how we treat the environment, and each other. In a large part, that is what this compilation is all about, bringing people together, balance, and having a full spectrum human experience.

With Glass Cannon's opener, “Chiaroscuro,” listners are met with punchy drums, and ear-catching vocals by Holly Harperreminiscent of a certain performance of the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, project of the founder and guitarist of the iconic hard rock/prog act The Mars Volta“I know who I am.” Elements of rock, dubstep, and drum & bass interplay with the recurring arp. “Chiaroscuro” referes to the Renaissance-era Italian concept of balancing light with dark.

"I wrote it mainly as an affirmation in hopes that others would sing it and find strength in themselves. I know who I am: a balanced being of a wandering light in the dark, never fleeing from the fight that's within me," Harper adds. “That is something that I say to myself whenever I need courage.”

Higher Tones” by Sektor Z and Spaceship Earth begins with an alien vocal transmission and mysterious violin leads, with funky fusion guitar transitions, ethereal tones,
cutting egde saw driven wobbles, and a spacey vocal atmosphere. It came out on the more psychedelic side of the funk spectrum.

Peanutbutter Williams and Psyntimental go in on “Holy Water” with water drop sound manipulation, buzzsaws, and a gargantuan voice that gives us a message about reaching inner divinity. Peanutbutter Williams crushes it with the vocals and key layers, (bass, synths, etc) while Psyntimental holds the beat and some textural and transition sounds.

Williams put it plainy: “Music to me is magic, just as creation and consciousness is pure sound energy and vibration. It is kinda like the closest thing to what god could be. It is something yet it is nothing. You cannot see it, taste it or touch it. Although you can feel it emotionally, and spiritually. We as musicians are kind of imitating god if you will ,and imitating creation from nothingness. As a creator of music it is something that is pulled from thin air. There is no substance from which it self as music can come from. It just kind of exists in the ether, and that is probably as close to god as you can get.”

It has a very psychedelic fluid sound too it, and can put you in a pretty sacred headspace. The track seems like it came together very quickly and naturally.

Peanutbutter Wiliams“Psychedelics have been a big part of my life, and I believe that when used safely, and properly they can indeed be medicinal to the mind, body, and spirit. So this song is my love song to LSD. May sound weird to some people, but the impact that LSD has made on my life is something that will always inspire me, and I will never forget.

“My musical, and life philosophy are very similar, and can be pretty much summed up with one word: love. When I create music I never really think of a certain genre. I just use my emotion. I create from what I feel. Which goes with the philosophy of Bruce Lee, the most artistic non-artist I know.”

Uplifting Earth teams up with Buckalicious on “Vocalize” while Ascentient's “Get Weird Revival” with Honi Pls both pump up the clubby side of things. Then Lavender Fields, Taotempo, and Tangled Branches bring it down into an earthier space. Mynah & Spaceship Earth close out the comp with “Intergalactic Exchange Center,” which goes deep.

This is, in my opinion, a compilation with a spiritual essence and the message is a deep one that stretches from an individual existential to an all encompassing universal level. The musical parts and production are at a post nascent level and promise to evolve into a much superior awe inspiring sonic field as put forth by psy stalwarts like Ott and Shpongle.

The overall compilation gels well together and is a good listen on a personal level as well as to bring people together and watch them all forget their differences! It was an honor to connect with such a vibrant and diverse palette of artists and to use this platform,along with Transcendent Tunes to help spread the word about these amazing artists! I really appreciate what they stand for as human beings. I believe the music will flow for ever more from these creative,conscious connected souls. Expect nothing short of miracles from them in the future.

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