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Favorite ThisSkytree previews Mineral Logic EP with 'Strange Attractor' [Sept 22]

Published: September 21, 2015

By: Jonathan Gross

Big Apple bass producer Skytree has been developing his own sonic signature for a number of years now. With a passion for geology and the earth's various natural substances, Evan Snyder's interests collide in his new Mineral Logic EP, which uses the resonant frequencies of various organic elements as the foundation of the five-track collection, out tomorrow (September 22) on TIMEWHEEL.

Today's premiere, "Strange Attractor At The End Of History," features erhu (an ancient Chinese stringed instrument) from Martin St. Pierre, and additional production from Amani Friend (of Desert Dwellers). Taking inspiration from Terence McKenna, a 'strange attractor' is created when lovers synchronize their minds, bodies, and computers using botanical substances. Snyder is a master of crafting these lush soundscapes with so many flavors and textures that weave and wrap their way around your cerebral cortex.

Pre-order Mineral Logic before midnight EST, and you'll be granted an unreleased Skytree EP before the end of the year!

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