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Favorite ThisSimplify Recordings Sampler: Blockbuster tracks released from great producers on a cutting edge record label

Published: December 21, 2011

In just over two and a half years, Simplify Recordings has become one of the most prominent and diverse electronic music labels operating in the US today. Simplify Recordings is the brainchild of Aaron Simpson, the founder and owner of the label. However, the journey to Simpson’s current status as a prosperous label boss was not at all effortless.

Beginning in 1999, Simpson gained notoriety as a DJ, becoming recognized as an adored producer of trance music throughout the greater Seattle area. Over the next decade, Simpson expanded his musical passions, becoming interested in more edgier genres such as dubstep, drum and bass, and glitch hop. Unknown to him at the time, these newfound musical delights would lay the groundwork for what was to come in his career.

Today, Aaron Simpson serves as Simplify Recordings’ kingpin, still managing to remain engaged in his demanding schedule as a DJ. Since the label’s launch in 2009, Simpson has used his own musical appetite to obtain popular and emerging electronic music artists from around the globe onto Simplify Recordings.

Specializing in future bass genres, the label offers sounds of glitch, dubstep, drum and bass and beyond. Simplify Recordings boasts over forty artists on their roster, helping to bring some of the most cutting edge bass music in the world to light. Some of the label’s most noteworthy releases include tracks from Love and Light, Minnesota, Samples, ill-esha, and Sugarpill.

Since its founding, Simplify Recordings has taken all the right steps to rise in popularity and esteem. With an array of skillful artists and a slew of popular releases, the label is on its way to being ranked as one of the top bass music labels in the world.

ChrisB. & Gladkill - New Beginnings

Elfkowitz - Purrfect (Psychodelic Dropout)

Freddy Todd - Thank You Later

ill-esha - Fireflies

K Theory & Frost Raven - 18th Century Gangster

Love and Light - Galactic Booty Activation - Mini Mix

Love and Light - Good Vibes

Shotgun Radio featuring Mimi Page - A Bad Place (Minnesota Remix)

Omega feat. Cualli - Global Deceleration

Phrenik Feat. Mimi Page - Exodus

ProtoHype - Candy Paint

Stephan Jacobs - Funner

Sugarpill - Prettyshaker

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