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Favorite ThisShower City brings water conservation and charity to festivals around the country

Published: October 1, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

As festival culture continues to dominate the electronic music industry, and new parties spring up everywhere, it's a welcome sight to see so many bright, young fans taking their energy and passion for the music and channeling it towards making a difference.

We were thrilled to meet the organizers of Shower City at a couple of festivals on the circuit this past summer. The team is using a two-pronged approach to water conservation and distribution that we hope will not only revolutionize the way festivals operate, but also incentivize fans to educate themselves and donate what they can to help get clean water where it needs to go.

Using a gray-water filtration method, Shower City hopes to change the way on-site shower systems work at outdoor camping festivals. Everyone wants to stay fresh under the beating sun, but generally the shower process is a pretty wasteful endeavor. The filtration systems allows water to be reused and recycled back through the showering system. In some circumstances, this filtration system could save 100,000 gallons in one weekend.

Shower City has also partnered with Charity:Water, a well-known non-profit that takes every dollar raised and uses it to build wells in communities around the world that desparately need fresh water. Using donations from festivalgoers, Shower City is trying to raise $5000 at each festival the team attends to build a well in the event's honor where it's needed. At The Werk Out this past month, the organization was able to raise $1700 toward its goal.

You can meet up with Shower City, donate, and learn more about its efforts this weekend, and they head to Resonance Music & Arts Festival in Pataskala, OH.

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