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Favorite ThisSay 'HiLow' to Minnesota's new single

Published: October 17, 2017

Story by: Anand Harsh

Photo by: Derek Rickert (Spectral Productions)

Minnesota - Spectral ProductionsWakaan has snagged a real big fish. Liquid Stranger's label last week unveiled a brand new single from Christian Bauhofer, a.k.a. Minnesota, who has been testing the tune out all summer long on some of the biggest festival stacks in the country.

HiLow” dropped on Friday the 13th as a free download, which sent the Wakaan nation into a frenzy. This marks the first time Bauhofer has released a tune on the free form bass label (and we hope it's not the last). Tightly produced and ratcheted up to a high tension point, this UK-leaning banger is definitely more on the crunk side than the melodic, future spectrum Minnesota still crushes.

He's on tour now with Psymbionic, carving a path through the southeast this weekend. Then he's off to Colorado for a pair of dates in early November, and a run through the Pacific Northwest and midwest as we get into December.

Tags: Trap