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Favorite ThisRising Smoke of the Hobo Kings - Linin Track

Published: December 12, 2011

As the nation's economic downturn continues to worsen and the chill of winter slips its way into the bones of each and every poor, bedraggled soul, its becomes more and more evident that the only folks hardy enough to weather this storm are the same vagabonds who have been riding the rails since the track was laid: the Hobos. We have received word from their leaders, and it is as follows--beware the Rising Smoke of the Hobo Kings. This flappy boots and tin can totin' twosome of Hobotech and Haj is spreading the word, this Tuesday, with their new release Smotin at the Water on the Vermin Street label. Haj, (founding member of Sub Swara) and Hobotech (Jon Marguilies, who literally wrote the book on Ableton) have enlisted some friends to put a little booty-shakin' bass into the world of old school blues. proudly brings you their take on Huddie William Ledbetter's "Linin Track." The pair presses Lead Belly's ancient call-and-response from dusty coal to shiny diamonds, tougher than ever. With the help of Blacklight's vocals, and a whole lot of glitched out bass, the funkified rehashing sounds like INXS jacked up on biker crank. This modernized work song will help you slog through a dreary Monday on the job.

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