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Published: February 9, 2016

By: Bo Nuanual

I think it’s reasonable to assume that the majority of us trying to exist on this planet—can agree that today, right here and now, to exist within this universe is pretty fucking rad. If you can’t agree that every life and all the unknown scenes around corners and hidden bends are not special and full of all the things missing in our lives waiting to be uncovered, then it could be likely you just haven’t opened your third eye, yet.

There are lots of different paths, faiths, methods, and camps that have been trying to outline how to get the third eye supercharged. An open third eye is magical and can expand perspective in two directions. Most folks that talk about this type of stuff want to talk about this as a purely positive thing. I’m not disagreeing that peering deep into your soul can be positively liberating, but most conversations always fail to mention that it can fuck you up, too.

So here is the easiest way you can open up your third eye without wanting to poke it out. Look for balance. Look for holistic art. Look for honest interpretations of the universe. Listen to the fresh EP that just landed on my desk: the Haj i Ji remix EP, Above and Below. This EP is grounded in balance; balance is life. Third eye open or not, there are some spiritual and positive things going on here. When you see it, you see it; when it’s there, it’s there.

Nestled up in northern California is a studio in lovely Sonoma County. If you aren’t terribly familiar with this part of the world you can take my word for it: the county has three things in abundance: I’m telling you as a fan the place is loaded with trees, hippies, and crisp air.

Above and Below” is a super collaborative event. The heads at On the Perch Records are running a tight ship and promising studio. Trends reflect studio houses driven by profit margins and electronic cookie cutting machines. This crew is producing art.

I am a huge fan of remix EPs. To hear an original track and then jump on a train zipping through musical mountains with the wind on its metaphorical ass as artists showcase their personal interpretations and takes on it while maintaining respect from the start to the end is gorgeous as fuck and gets those chakras opened up real good. Remember when I was talking about how balance and this album release are synonymous? How the best art should reflect our universe’s true nature and holistic motions? Haj I Ji’s original track followed by “Above and Below’s” international and musically diverse (seriously – there is something for everyone and their particular flavors of the electronic rainbow) cadre of musical intellects proves my point. Taking the journey is fun. Do it safely, but if you’re like me, you might drive on a curvy road as fast and legally as possible while cranking this piece of art up to the max without blowing your speakers to shit.

HÄANAHÄANA has a reputation for hitting heady northern California festivals and crowds with deep musical talent alongside friendly vibes. This rising and obviously thoughtful musician produces electronic compositions alongside her equally skilled melodic violin game and I’m going to sound 13 years old but whatever – the result is trippy as fuck and starts making all karmic energy within a few feet of you present. HÄANA’s violin work and cello composition on Haj i Ji’s original track is lovely and contributes to the balanced thing I keep stressing on as I rant. But kids, her personal take on it is dope, and makes you think about the hidden elements within yourself you typically don’t get to look at and understand. Listen and repeat. Reflect. Repeat.

So balanced within itself, her remix on the EP harnesses the polarity within the universe that we need to see more of if we want to make sure we don’t suck the water dry and gray the air our kids will breathe. Within her remix there are two energetic planes that operate on the upper and lower chakras. I am not lying; before listening to her remix on this EP I didn’t know you could command both chakras musically at the same time. For sure; pretty wicked. And just take a look at that Mugwort art. Talk about balance...

But what is even crazier is that when you take a step back and look at this Remix EP as a whole you start to pick up on the deeper design that pokes that head at you and takes you back into yourself. Hobotech, Sub Swara, SUV, RSD, and S.B. Yond are equally beautiful and powerful in their approaches to Haj i Ji’s original as HÄANA takes on her rendition on this EP. Not only are all these geographically and internationally spread out global musicians (by no means is this just a west coast EP) doing all of us fans justice by throwing down some super balanced remixes within themselves, but the way the EP is structured and organized as a whole projects the same theme – balance within the universe which includes the bad with the good, the down with the up, the within and the without, the light and the dark. When you get a chance to groove out to this new conceptual and talented release please keep this in mind – Above and Below.

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