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Favorite This[REVIEW] Kaminanda invites you into 'Liminal Spaces' [Out NOW on Merkaba Music]

Published: July 17, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

Liminal Spaces is the spirited 7-track EP from Victoria, BC producer Stephen Kaminanda.

After a long-awaited year since Ancestors and Guardians Kaminanda fans can look forward to a dreamy venture into spirit wave and sacred bass laced with exotic instrumentals and tantalizing cosmic textures.

Each track is adventurous in its own way. The intro song “Moment to Moment” tip toes along with a transition of being, opening into the ethereal heartbeat of psy-hop spiraling galaxies and crystalline synth clouds.

“Emphatic Spaces” cruises on a mellow breeze to the echoed twang of guitar and a laid back percussion set. The juicy bass lines pump out a rippling foundation for the sparkling leads to jive your ear drums into starry-eyed delight.

“The Jade Palace” is most impressive. Opening with low chiming bells it draws up images of sunrise, a dawning. This track overflows with bass, crunchy synths and a phenomenal flute sample that shines with humble eloquence. Misty and still the jade palace is a chamber of bliss.

Kaminanda wins with Liminal Spaces. Exotic and unique, this collection proves to be a true representation of the creative spirit.

Tags: DubstepHip Hop