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Favorite ThisQuixotic Fusion - Maya

Published: January 5, 2012
By: Beth Ann Johnson
As technology advances, producers embrace the decline of digital music sales and jump on the "free download" bandwagon. Unlike their predecessors, the current generation of musicians rely heavily on live performance and fan attendance to keep their careers afloat. As a result, event production pushes to be more extravagant, and multi-faceted performers are becoming valuable assets. Quixotic Fusion, an artist collective out of Kansas City, is 5 years ahead of its competition. Consisting of musicians, dancers, aerialists, composers, and more, the electronic music group uses new music technology and old school recreations to their advantage. Creating an interactive environment of mixed media entertainment they generate a visually spectacular fantasy land. "Maya," is an unreleased Quixotic track that embodies authentic sound with a rhythm that will guide senses and stimulate your imagination. Combined with the art of motion, this syncopated beat has potential to convey thoughts and feelings without saying a word. After a successful performance at Wakarusa in 2011, you can bet your bottom dollar (that you didn't spend on CDs) that you'll see this talented group of individuals all around the festival circuit in 2012.

Tags: BreaksGlitchLivetronica