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Favorite ThisPsymbionic Releases Debut EP "Illusions"

Published: December 15, 2011

The debut EP from Austin, TX producer Psymbionic arrives today on California-based Made In Glitch. Drawing on a wide array of influences, the "Illusions" EP traverses the spectrum of bass music with five tracks that weigh in on multiple sub genres of Dubstep. The title track "Illusions", featuring San Francisco MC Joe Mousepad, takes a page from UK Grime and shares some Garage energy with the more contrasted "Amalgamaelstrom". Both "Oscillating Orbs" (w/ ONE4ALL) and "Space Monkey" stylistically derive from more instrumental hip hop roots, utilizing engaging rhythms and shuffle. A collaboration effort with A/V artist Pharo brings up the rear, titled "Scooby Don't", providing heavy vibes and a spooky overtone. This strong debut offers a better taste of the originality that has brought much acclaim to Psymbionic's remixes, and predicts a bright and fruitful future for the energetic producer.  

Tags: BreaksDubstepGlitch